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Basic Design


The Basic Design Service involves the development of a conceptual design for the Owner's approval, based upon a detailed review of the Owner's needs, and preparation of construction drawings for that design. Involvement of the Architect during the bidding and construction phases of the project is limited. Supplemental services, such as bid evaluation and construction observation, can be provided if desired. This is the most economical level of professional service, with fees based upon the gross square foot area of the building. The Architect is responsible for: Review of Owner's design criteria; Preparation of space needs program; Schematic design concept; Preliminary Design to scale; Review of energy- conservation strategies, options and systems; Revisions to Preliminary Design; Selection of primary building system; Preparation of Final Design and Construction Drawings, including: Foundation/Basement Plan, Floor Plans for each level, Building Cross-section view, Front, Side & Rear Elevations, Energy and Special Construction Details, as needed, Schematic Electrical Plan, Generic Window, Door and Interior Finish Schedules, Identification of major materials. The Owner is responsible for providing site information, verification of soil conditions, zoning setbacks, utility information and similar site-specific constraints. Items not provided by Architect: Building and Zoning permits or fees; Detailed Heating, Plumbing, Electrical or Mechanical plans; Bid Review and Evaluation; Construction Observation beyond State-required completion certification.


Expanded Design


The Expanded Design Service involves a closer working relationship between the Architect and Owner throughout the design and construction process. In addition to the Basic services outlined above, the Architect becomes involved as the Owner's agent during the construction phase but allows flexibility in the selection of materials and systems. Consultant services for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and site design are secured as needed and are available at cost. Fees are typically based upon a percentage of construction cost, plus reimbursable expenses. The Architect is responsible for: Items under the Basic Design Service; Coordination with Building officials; Preparation of detailed generic; Construction Specifications; Preparation of Manufacturer-specific Window, Door and Finish schedules; Distribution of Construction Drawings to qualified Contractors for bidding; Evaluation of Bids and Alternates; Assistance with contract negotiations; Frequent construction observation; Review of Change Orders; Evaluation of payment requests; Detailed completion inspection. The Owner is responsible for determining the level of consulting services desired for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and site design.


Comprehensive Design

  The Comprehensive Design Service offers everything available in the Basic and Expanded Design Services, but with all consultant costs included in the Fee. Additional/Reimbursable Services include: Field measurements and preparation of Existing Conditions drawings; Product-specific material Specifications; Interior Design drawings; Revision of Construction Drawings for re-bidding and/or design changes; Supplementary Consultant services; Out-of-town travel time and mileage; Postage and long-distance telephone; Photography and Artist's Renderings; Additional sets of Construction Drawings.

Hourly Consulting


For projects of limited scope or preparatory in nature, professional services are available on an hourly basis. Hourly fees may include travel time from the office to remote meetings or site visits.


























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