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Below are examples of notable projects and downloadable resources.




Portfolio Collage Images 









At left are photo collages of completed projects.

The projects featured include examples of new residences, residential additions, commercial office buildings, institutional buildings, and multi-family projects.

Click on each image for a larger representation.

 Portfolio Collage #1

Portfolio Collage #2 

Portfolio Collage #3 



High-performance Construction Details 

Tom Brown specializes in the design of high-performance housing. Many of these homes utilize state-of-the-art construction methods and heating systems, along with passive solar design strategies.

Below are shown a description of some key features of airtight/ superinsulated construction, along with some typical construction details.

Click on the image for an enlarged view and/or downloadable PDF version.
Interior-strapped Wall - Elevation View  Typical Energy Details - Airtight/Superinsulated Construction 

 Strapped-wall Elevation & Construction Notes

Strapped-wall Construction Details

 Interior Horizontally-strapped Wall

 Air-tight Construction Details

Strapped-wall Elevation Detail & Construction Notes (PDF)

Typical Strapped-wall Wood-frame Construction Details (PDF) 


Residential Projects 



Sullivan Residence

Berkholtz Residence

Hinke Residence

Butler-Eckberg Residence



Griswold-Powell Residence

Hermann Residence

Orthwein Residence

Razvi Residence




Young Residence

DeRouchey-Venzke Addition

Pease Addition



Commercial & Institutional Projects 


Mead DNR Headquarters

Christine Retreat Center

Wisconsin Learning Center

Riverfront Arts Center


Historic Restoration Projects 


Parkin Place Restoration

BrickHaus-GlasHaus Restoration

Sweet Treats Restoration

Town Clown Restoration













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