Geothermal Hydronic-Radiant Heating Installation (title slide)


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Geothermal Hydronic-Radiant Heating Installation (title slide)

Interior Heating Zones

Lower Level Hydronic-Radiant Layout

Lower Level Hydronic-Radiant Slab

Main Floor Detail Before Hydronic Installation

Main Floor Hydronic-Radiant Slab Preparation

Main Floor Hydronic-Radiant Tubing Layout

Hydronic-Radiant Tubing Art

Hydronic-Radiant Tubing Layout w/ Partitions

Hydronic-Radiant Slab w/ Partitions

Hydronic-Radiant Tubing Manifold

Ground-Source Heat Pump Unit

Exterior Ground-Source Loops

Exterior Ground-Source Loop Trench

Exterior Ground-Source Loop Installation

Exterior Perforated PVC “Soaker” Pipe

Author: Thomas Brown


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